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Over years of experience in Digital Marketing Services India, we have come across webmasters who complain that they have been using quality content, quality links and are mentioned in quality sites yet somehow manage to get slammed in Google’s war against low-quality websites. Despite frantic efforts of years Digital Marketing Agency market has failed to identify what Google’s idea of a quality website is. But don’t worry! Now, our Top Digital Marketing Solutions in India has come up with a pool of ideas as to what a low-quality website is and what elements should be added in a high-quality website.

How to spot low-quality websites?

  1. List of websites: Most PBN and Dropped domain owners have a list of websites recorded under similar IPs. They ask for payments and accept almost all the websites that pass the Copyscape plagiarism test. These are not the sites you should be on to be counted as high-quality.
  2. Domain name and domain history: Usually good quality websites have an understandable and appealing domain name. Also, check the domain history of the website and check the backlinks using a reliable backlink checker.
  3. Traffic: A good website always has decent traffic. If you want to be linked with some website, then make sure that those websites cater to an actual audience. For that purpose, you should prefer getting access to Search Console and Google Analytics. However, it is generally a bit difficult, so you can approach aDigital Marketing Agencyto do this for you. The website should appear in the SERPs, if not on the first result page then in the top 50.
  4. Links: A good website should have a good link profile. One of the best ways of doing it is to check if Google shows site links for the domain search query.

Top Digital Marketing Solutions

With time and experience, you will be able to spot low-quality websites with more ease.

You must keep the following factors in mind to maintain the prime quality of your website.

  1. Navigation: A superior website implements only that much of navigation as much is required by the customer to infer what the website offers.
  2. Presentation: High-quality websites focus on providing information first and then the validation. The website should be appealing to common eyes, neat and sorted.
  3. Transparency: A good quality website makes it easy for the user to know who is behind the site, who is the site operator and what the site offers.
  4. Focus: A good website will keep its main focus on imparting information and not benefits gained from monetization, links and SEO. These remain the secondary aspects.

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