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Mobile App Marketing is an efficient marketing tool which serves a wide range of purposes. If properly planned and executed, it will yield immense benefits. Among the masses, this strategy is the very impactful. However, this type of marketing consumes a lot of effort and precious time of marketer because this is a complex procedure. EnhanceRank is Mobile App Marketing Company which penetrates in this complex procedure and gifts their clients with good rankings.


Mobile App Marketing Services is broadly categorized into two parts:

  1. Promoting required data to masses on third-party websites and apps for acquiring new users.
  2. Aiming to drive more engagement and revenue from the masses already using your app.

Mobile app sales or marketing can consume days, weeks or months of client if they are doing it on their own or if they are making strategic and desired changes in the app infrastructure or UI/UX design. However, for immediate action and implied result, you can contact our Mobile App Marketing Company in India. Our expert Mobile App Marketing Services team will help to focus on your business by performing Mobile App Sales task efficiently.

 is a Mobile App Marketing Company in India providing Onshore and Offshore services worldwide. Our client base is spread all across the world including countries like Australia, US, UK, Germany, Spain, China and India. We cater to all types of mobile app marketing services required to run the big or small businesses.


Acquiring New Users

Reaching the target audience is the crucial trick and challenge, which a marketer has to achieve expertise in. Presenting your app tactfully in front of masses of potential users with 100% accuracy is the mind game you need to master.

App Store Optimization
 is creating an App Store listing which allows your app to be found by the users. It makes the presence of your app more prominent and draws in more users. Our Mobile App Marketing Company in India delivers beautiful screenshots, right category keywords, high user ratings, details about app features, versions etc. With good rating and organic and positive reviews you get better ranking.


An App marketing agency, Communities, Organic promotion, Social Media accounts are required in combination by potential new users to get guidance from the app marketing agencies.


Engaging Current Users

The vital step to running the business is engaging current users in a better way. One-time attainment of clients and then forgetting about them is not an ideal situation in practical life. The new users should think that the app is worth opening and using again. For this, you must make your app attractive and useful. For this purpose, you need a Mobile App marketing agency that keeps your users engaged.

There are two ways in which we can engage the users: push notifications and in-app messaging.


a) Push Notifications

Push Notifications messages are delivered on user’s home screen or using and pursuing different phone features. You can offer users, their desired actions using push notifications such as updates, coupons, offers, etc.


Two types of push notifications:

  1. Banners: Appear on the screen and disappear automatically.
  2. Alerts: They appear in the center of the screen and require some sort of action from the user to proceed further.

Our Mobile App Marketing Services team has tied-up with all countries and regions to promote the customized push notifications.


b) In-App Messages

These messages are sent while using your App.


Why is this important?


The answer is that this allows you to have full control of the copy and customization. Branding and Styling of these In-App messages can be done.


Since your users are already engaged with your app, you can trigger in-app messages after an event. This is a tactful way to interact with your current users at a more personal level. Our Mobile App Marketing Services team has relations with networks and provides better pricing to our clients.


Enhancerank top App Marketing Strategies

Although our mobile app marketing agency has its head office in Delhi but strategies formulated by us are in line with International standards. Some of the key points of strategies defined by our Mobile App Marketing Company in India are:


  • Focus on KPIs specific to the app’s market.
  • Dedicate the resources your app deserves.
  • Avoid getting pulled in too many directions.
  • Partner your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert.
  • Market the experience, not the app.
  • Apps are not marketed just with billboards.
  • Organically lifting your App.
  • Downloads are not a synonym of success.
  • Test for tactfulness, not perfection.
  • Don’t get complacent! Keep breathing and living mobile.


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