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Some people say that Facebook has decreased the organic reach of the pages i.e. you have to pay to promote your posts. Even though Facebook is free it offers some features where you have to pay some amount to boost or promote your posts. It is the wide reach of Facebook that makes these options comparatively cheaper for small businesses and companies. However, you need not pay for all your posts. As per the strategy of our SEO Services India, you must pay only for the selected and best posts. You should get only those posts boosted which will be beneficial for your business.

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What is a boosted post on Facebook?

Boosted Facebook post is the easiest and the most convenient advertising option. However, the organic reach of Facebook posts is low across the board. So, your post is unlikely to reach a large number of audiences own its own. Being more specific, it will reach an even lesser number of the targeted audience. If you have boosted a post then Facebook would take your previous post and put it across a large number of audiences, as per your budget of course, so that you can reach out to a majority of your target audience.

Despite the addition of new features such as News Feed Ads by Facebook, companies with big budget still prefer hiring one of the Best SEO Services in India to promote their content. However, for companies with small budgets or the startups which cannot afford SEO Services, Facebook advertisements remain the cheapest and most convenient option.

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Advantages of boosting your posts on Facebook

  1. Increased visibility: Organic Facebook posts are more likely to get lost in the flood of posts people upload every minute. Facebook boosted posts appear more prominently in the feed of your target audience. This gives these posts a better chance of being noticed. Posts appearing higher on the Facebook page are more likely to get noticed by the customers and the search engines. They get more exposure.
  2. Greater reach: Compared to an organic post, the promoted content obviously has a greater outreach. They are also bound to reach a larger and more relevant audience. In addition to appearing more prominently in front of your followers, it also appears in the feeds of those who are in the same industry or are following similar pages, depending upon your settings.
  3. Ease of use: Facebook is a platform that anyone can use. Posting or boosting your posts on Facebook has the simplest of the procedures and is very easy and convenient to use. Whatever kind of posts you are updating be it updates, videos, photos, statuses or links, Facebook automatically formats them as per newsfeed specifications. This saves your time and work, making it an even easier option for you.

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