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What is SMS Marketing?


SMS marketing is the practice of using text messaging (SMS) to send transactional or promotional messages. Those who have agreed to receive text messages from your company are primarily intended to receive time-sensitive offers, updates, and notifications.


Mobile SMS marketing helps you get the attention of your customer which makes it a very powerful tool for marketing teams. It includes push notifications that can get you to reach out to your users and remind them of various offers or promotions you made earlier.


Why Select Enhance Rank for Your MMS/SMS Promotion Services?


Services for Bulk SMS Marketing

Both SMS broadcast marketing and SMS automation campaigns are provided by our SMS marketing company. In addition, we collaborate with clients in various sectors, such as real estate, healthcare, eCommerce, and construction. Regardless of the size of your SMS marketing initiatives, our team of text marketing services has you covered.


SMS/MMS Promotion Experts

Our skilled marketing professionals handle your SMS/MMS campaigns once you join us. We monitor every step of the process to ensure you get the most out of your investment, from list-cleaning segmentation and campaign development to execution and monitoring.


Comprehensive SMS Marketing Service

We manage SMS/MMS marketing solutions provided by our text message marketing business. We can also take care of any graphics or videos you need to make for MMS. 


Detailed Monthly Reports

We make sure you stay up to date on all campaign developments. You will receive thorough monthly reports from our text marketing specialists that include important KPIs, campaign statistics, and suggested tactics. 


Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS can be applied in various contexts. To assist you in better understanding what you can accomplish with SMS and how it could benefit your organization, I will go over some of the most popular use cases with you.


Businesses looking to effectively contact and engage their audience can benefit from several advantages provided by SMS marketing:


High Open Rates

Compared to emails, SMS messages are opened at far higher rates, and the majority are read minutes after being received. Individuals typically check their texts more often than other channels of contact, which guarantees prompt interaction.


Personalized Communication

Personalized communication via SMS increases the chance of a favorable reaction and gives receivers a sense of value. By customizing messages based on the recipient’s past behavior and preferences, the information is more relevant.



SMS marketing is less expensive when compared to more conventional forms of advertising, such as print or television media. SMS marketing has the potential to yield a higher return on investment because of its high open and response rates.


Wide Reach

Since almost everyone owns a mobile phone, it’s a universal platform for connecting with a large number of people because SMS doesn’t require an internet connection, anyone can use it, regardless of their data connectivity.


Customer Engagement

Customer interaction can be increased by quickly integrating features like competitions, surveys, and polls into SMS marketing. With SMS, businesses can rapidly obtain audience insights and comments.


Stakeholders that can benefit from using SMS marketing services provided by Enhance Rank


Retail and E-commerce

Order confirmations, shipment notifications, and delivery updates can be given to clients by e-commerce companies.


Hospitality and Travel

Order confirmations, shipping updates, and delivery alerts are all things that e-commerce companies can offer their clients.


Restaurants and Food Services

Restaurants have the option to verify reservations, let patrons know when tables are available, and advertise daily deals or events.



By providing appointment reminders and confirmations, dental offices, clinics, and medical offices can lower the number of no-shows.



Reminders for events, scheduling modifications, and significant announcements can be sent out by colleges and institutions.


Real Estate

Clients can be informed about price adjustments, open houses, and new property listings by real estate agents.


Finance and Banking

Account updates, fraud alerts, and transaction alerts can all be sent by banks and other financial institutions.


Event Management

Reminders, confirmations of tickets, and updates about forthcoming events can be sent by the organizers.


Fitness and Wellness

Class schedules, cancellation policies, and reminders can be emailed by gyms, fitness centers, and yoga studios.



Service confirmations and maintenance reminders can be sent by auto dealerships and repair facilities.


Professional Services

Appointment confirmation and reminders can be sent by consultants, lawyers, and other professionals.


Utilize SMS Marketing Services to enhance the other aspects of your online marketing plan with Enhance Rank.



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New Clicks

From the Client:

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