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Types of Backlinks

In the year 1996, when the first ever Google algorithm was released by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, it stated that when websites contain various types of backlinks, then that website must be rich-quality. Over the past year, Google has made thousands of changes in its algorithms.

In spite of all the alterations or changes in Google’s algorithm, Google still consider backlinks to be one of the most important factors when it comes to boost SEO results or rankings. However, Google didn’t change how crucial backlinks are, even more types of backlinks have been launched that are determined to the ranking and quality of websites and to boost SEO results.

But before, do not forget the three primary factors of backlinks that determine the quality of backlinks to influence or improve your website’s rank.

1- Authority of the linking website – High authority websites provide long-lasting and more valuable backlinks. Google prior those high DA (domain authority) backlinks and consider them as more reputable than those from low-quality links. EnhanceRank is one such place where you can get the rich-quality backlinks keeping in mind all.

2- Do-Follow vs No-Follow links – If you want to add SEO value to your links, then you should prefer do-follow links. Whereas, a no-follow link tells the crawler not to notice the link and leaving them with little benefits to SEO. A do-follow link is considered as much more valuable and has better signal sending ability to search engines compared to a no-follow link. Also, do-follow links make your website more SEO-friendly. You can also get this done from 100% trustable, worthy and affordable SEO Agency.

3- On-site position of the link – The on-site position of your link in content matters when it comes to SEO rankings. It really affects the number of impressions and organic traffic you can get from your links. We all know that each website contains different section i.e. the header, the footer and the body. So, those links which appears in the body of the website are considered as the most valuable ones. Keep in mind while seeking to build quality backlinks, make sure to include the links in the main body of the website.

It is always better to outsource this work to experienced as well as professional team have handled and secured many of the clients in multiple countries. We are EnhanceRank is one such 100% trustable, worthy and affordable SEO Agency. Below are the backlinks types, which EnhanceRank offer to clients in order to improve and boost SEO results.

Types of Backlinks – You Must Know

1-Backlinks in Business Profile

Most of the digital marketers admit that directory profiles are the key source of backlinks. But, you should avoid spam directories and focus on working backlinks as it has much more importance. At EnhanceRank, we always keep in mind to avoid those spam directories which do not give any profit to SEO. Business directories through search engine are the go-to options if you want to optimize your business profile backlinks. For example –

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Yahoo Localworks

2- Editorial Backlinks

Editorial Backlinks

An editorial link is one of the most-valued type of backlink that you should include in your link-building plans. It assures that your website is authoritative while backlinking. Generally, these links are built when your site content is cited as a primary source for information (such as a blog or an article), you are interviewed, or your site is included on a specific keyphrase.

Also, you should build strategy of your content with the help of the Best 

SEO Company to target high-volume keywords and key phrases as per your competitors. To acquire, the best quality backlinks, EnhanceRank is a well-recognized, well-planned and a trustable place.

And from there, you will get links to the other well-recognized directories, like:

  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Foursquare
  • com
  • AboutUs
  • Better Business Bureau

3- Backlinks from Guest-Blogging

The guest-blogging backlinks stand amongst the most important types of backlinks that you must have for link-building strategy for your website. Here’s how these backlinks work:

At first, you contact a third-party website’s owner of your niche with good domain authority.

Secondly, make an offer to create original/fresh content to publish on t

hat website, and in return, you can place your company’s website link in the post.

In conclusion, they get a new content for their website, and you also get a new and a fresh backlink to your company’s website from a high authority website – it will be a win-win for both parties.

4-Backlinks from Social Profile

Social Media Profile Backlinks

Social Profile Backlinks are the easiest type of backlinks which you can create while building editorial backlinks simultaneously. While setting up a social media profile for your business, there is always an area to add a backlink to the parent website. When the online audience of that particular social app comes on your social media profile, there’s a probability of 99.9%  that they might be ending-up visiting your company’s web pages. You can also empower your social media profile with high-rated links from authorized sources.

Getting more visitors to your brand page is the primary way to optimize the impact it can have on people, and it boosts the traffic on your website and so the SEO rankings will improve. EnhanceRank is here to

help you out with their affordable Social Media Marketing Services as well with which you can grow your business by advertising about your products/services in a better way.

Although, even a start-up company/business with a small group of employees can create a good amount of backlinks with a mannered strategy. It is only possible by creating social media profile for your company/business. Here are some of the most popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: One backlink for creating a Facebook account.
  • LinkedIn: One backlink for creating a LinkedIn account.
  • Instagram: One backlink for creating an Instagram account.
  • Twitter: One backlink for creating a Twitter account.

And then after creating these social profile, you can ask your company’s employee to share your company’s profile link in their personal profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., for more reaches. Therefore, it will end up having furthermore backlinks to your website.

5-Backlinks from Webinar

Backlinks from Webinar generates people to a presentation held online in real-time. When the webinar gets over, the organizers of the webinar will send a link to audience to watch the videos. Plus, many companies create a webinar in advance, and then execute it as if it were a live webinar.

The question here arises is  – How do you get quality webinar backlinks?  The only answer is – EnhanceRank – which actually enhances the rank. You have to post the webinars as recordings so that people can link to them. If it is a quality resource, other people will also link to them in their content as well.

6-Acknowledgement Backlinks

Another SEO –friendly backlink that can help you boost SEO results is acknowledgement backlink. It is not much valuable than those of mentioned above. But, EnhanceRank do focus on these types of backlinks because unless it can really improve the traffic to your website.

7-Badge Backlinks

Badge technique can provide worthiness to other sites over branded badges. It is a smartest technique to earn backlinks and EnhanceRank use this technique in a more smarter way. You can provide these badges to other sites as a status symbol in order to boost SEO results. If those sites gladly post the badges on their sites, you can get the backlink that boosts traffic so to get results.

Final Words

This guide mentioned above end up helping y

ou to understand the various types of backlinks. Also, they will help you avoid the low-quality, lesser-known or low authority backlinks. It focuses on the best backlinks building strategies by which you can make your website more SEO-friendly as well as boost traffic and so the sales.

EnhanceRank is the best SEO Agency in Delhi, which can provide you quality backlinks in order to boost SEO results. We have secured many clients in Australia, UK, US, Spain, Germany as well as India and they saw a big boost in their business sales.

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