What is link building? Why is it important?

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Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It is exchanging of links to increase the back links and quality links of your own websites. Using this way Search engines crawls through the pages and the entire website. Any compatible Digital Marketing Services can help you with White Hat SEO Services aka link building. 

Link building is a very important part of SEO strategy, therefore an important component of SEO services. It is very important to link with relevant and valuable websites and genuine pages. Linking with these websites is extremely important for good rankings of your website as search engines value quality over quantity. It will earn you trust and vote of confidence for your website. Google will reward this with good rankings. Since, Google has improved its algorithms it has become very important to use White Hat SEO techniques. You must hire praise worthy Digital Marketing Services for Digital Marketing requirements.

What is White hat SEO?

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  White Hat SEO is the set of approved SEO tactics and techniques used to improve company’s rankings on Search Engine Result page. It focusses on human audience as opposed to search engines and strictly follows all rules and regulations laid down by search engine services.

White Hat SEO building techniques

1. Directory Submission: There are a large number of directories available online such as Google my business and Yellow pages. Directory Submission is the process of getting yourself listed on these directories. It is advisable to check that directories are of high quality, they should be fast catching and indexed. Also, make sure you submit under correct category so that backlinks can be created.

 2. Ask for links from Partners and Friends: The easiest way of forming links for your websites is asking your partners and friends to interlink your website with theirs. In turn they would expect you to add link to their websites on ours. However, affilating is a great way to improve linking of your website. Relevant links will create trust worthiness and will also expose you to a whole new range of audience from your affiliate’s website. You can contact any Digital Marketing Services for helping you get backlinks from your affiliates.

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3. Turn mentions into backlinks: Find all the mentions about your business that are not already linked. It is a high possibility that people have mentioned your business on various platforms without linking. Use a good social listening tool and find out all the unlinked mentions to your website and analyze them. They could be testimonials, reviews and suggestions. Categorize them properly, select the ones favorable for business and turn them into backlinks.

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4. Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is one of the very effective ways of building the links. It just doesn’t give you more links, it helps you earn the appreciation of owners of other websites. You earn appreciation and promotion from the other websites. There are many websites that allow you to guest blog for free. Make a list of these websites and start guest blogging! If you can’t find free guest blogging sites yourself then you can contact and connect with any reputed Digital Marketing Services. 


5. Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is an online service to organize, manage and store bookmarks. The websites or webpages that we book mark at social bookmarking sites are considered as of high quality by search engines. It is the easiest way to earn good backlinks to your websites. All you have to do is send your website to some Social Bookmarking site to get yourself added there. Again, you can take the help of any Digital Marketing Services to find result oriented Social bookmarking sites.

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6 .Blog writing : You can start a lively blog and post on it regularly. Generate good content for your clients and promote your content in an effective and strategic manner. The content that you post should be relevant to your business and your articles should be well structured. Make it more interesting by using visuals and make sure that you add sharing button so that your audience can share or retweet the interesting posts.

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  Our Digital Marketing Services brings to you the best hacks to utilize the latest features. Keep following updates from our website and our social media handles. Our Digital Marketing Services is happy to help you for all your Digital Marketing concerns and SEO Services.

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