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Now after having discussed the problems and important aspects let’s focus on the solutions. You can do following things for improving traffic on your website: –


Keep a record of following for improving traffic and getting good ranking: –

  • How often these platforms are being posted on?
  • What are the topics of the content being posted?
  • What is the quality of the content posted?
  • Are the posts reaching the targeted audience?
  • Which posts are getting highest number of reviews and likes?




The more you spend smartly on advertising, the more you earn. Make full use of all the opportunities of advertising for good ranking. Options include word of mouth or via any social media or digital media platform.



Most of the readers won’t prefer reading your articles if it is not interesting enough to catch their attention and make them glued to screen after reading your first line. Write short, crisp, easy to understand and appealing headlines for improving traffic.



With shorter keywords the competition maybe cut-throat but visits can be indiscriminate and ROI can be low. If you smartly chose and implement the usage of qualified searchers with long tailed keywords the number of visits can be less but just in pure numbers. Otherwise the ROI would be proportionately much higher. Also, less competition will lead to lower costs and therefore, more profits.



5. START GUEST BLOGGING: Guest Blogging helps you establishing networks with other networks and develop experts in your field. It also helps in building your image as that of an authority figure amongst your competitors. It will also allow you to open up your website to a set of completely new audience. This is one of the easiest steps towards refining your SEO efforts.

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6. LINK INTERNALLY: An internal link is that link which connects you to some other webpage from same website. For business to work well in the market, it is not only important that other websites connect to but also to grab all opportunities at internal linking. It helps in improving the number of sessions per page and more time on same page. All these factors count as making customers happy and happy customers ensure a happy Google.

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7. MAKE SURE YOUR SITE IS RESPONSIVE: A responsive website means regularly replying to the queries of your customers in comment box and otherwise. A quick and satisfactory response to the customers not only brings them back to the website but also increases the chances of them recommending it to other people. This will lead to good ranking.

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8. FOSTER A SENSE OF COMMUNITY: In the times of this mute generation where people prefer texting to talking everyone wants to let out their ideas and opinions about subjects they passionately feel about. Starting a discussion on your website is a great way of bringing in more visitors and thereby increasing the traffic to the website and developing SEO efforts.

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 9.  KEEP UP WITH YOUR COMPETITORS: If you are not aware of what your competitors are doing then you are at a huge disadvantage. Any introduction of interesting elements by your competitors will only attract more and more traffic to their page. By ignoring or not following up on your competitors you are only missing out on a huge number of visitors.


10. POST REGULARLY: Posting appropriate amount of content regularly helps in increasing the reviews of the website. But posting irrelevant and uninteresting articles will lead to even worse ratings of your website. So, you should be cautious about what you post and when you post. Keep the frequency regular but not excess.

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Thank you for reading this post by Digital marketing agency, EnhanceRank ! Now that you know about these hacks, go blogging and do let us know about your reviews in the comments section. We are happy to help and solve your queries.

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