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Mobile app marketing agency in India

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing is a marketing tool if properly planned and executed will yield immense benefits. Among the masses, this strategy really works. However, this marketing consumes a lot of effort and precious time of marketer, as this is a complex procedure.

Mobile app marketing broadly having two parts:

  1. Promoting to masses on third-party websites and apps for acquiring new users.
  2. Aiming to drive more engagement and revenue from the masses those already using your app.

Mobile app sales or marketing can take days, weeks or months of client or customer  (if you are doing your own)for making strategic and desired changes to your app infrastructure or UI/UX design. As an alternate immediate result and actions, our expert marketing team of a mobile app is the right path to move on. Here you definitely need mobile app marketing agency so that you can focus on your business and rest our team will do for you.

Enhancerank Mobile app marketing Process

Enhancerank is a mobile app marketing agency in India, Delhi, and US. Over the years our mobile marketing services agency with gained experience developed the process for mobile app marketing.

Acquiring New Users

How to reach your target audience is the trick and challenge which marketer has to get expertise. Making your app in front of masses of new users is the main game, which needs to play with 100% accuracy.

App Store Optimization can create an App Store listing makes your app findable and draws new users in. Our mobile marketing agency can deliver beautiful screenshots, the right category keywords, high user ratings, details about app features, versions etc. Organic Reviews and Rating with positive reviews and 5 stars rating you accumulate, the better ranking. Our app marketing agency Communities, Organic promotion, Social Media accounts are others format in combination are required for potential new users, in which our app marketing agency will guide and if required can provide the services to the clients.

Mobile app marketing agency in Delhi
Mobile app marketing services agency in Delhi
Engaging Current Users

More Engagement is what you require for running the business. One time purchase is not a win situation. The new user will have to approve the app is worth opening again and again. This time you needs Mobile App marketing agency that keeps your users engaged.

There are two ways by which we can engage the users: push notifications and in-app messaging.

Push Notifications

In Push Notifications messages to be delivered at user’s home screen or perusing other phone features or using a different. You can offer users desired actions – updates, coupons, offers, etc.

Two types of push notifications:

  1. Banners: Appear on screen and automatically disappear.
  2. Alerts: On screen central place and require some action from the user.

Our app marketing agency team tied-up with all countries and regions to promote the customized push notifications.

In-App Messages

While using your App these messages are sent.

Why is this important?

The answer is that full control of the copy, as well as customization, can be done. Branding, Styling can be done to match.

Other as the user is already engaged with your app you can trigger in-app messages after an event. This is really nice way to interact with your current users at a close type of feel.

Again need not to say that our mobile marketing agency team has relations with networks and can provide better pricing.

Mobile app marketing agency in India
Enhancerank top App Marketing Strategies

 Although our mobile app marketing agency having a head office in Delhi, India but strategies defined are up to the mark of International levels. Some of the key points of strategies defined by our mobile app marketing agency are:

Focus on KPIs specific to the app’s market.

  • Dedicate the resources your app deserves.
  • Avoid getting pulled in too many directions.
  • Partner your app marketing team with a mobile marketing expert.
  • Market the experience, not the app.
  • You don’t market apps just with billboards.
  • Organically lifting your app.
  • Downloads are not a synonym of success.
  • Test for tactfulness, not perfection.
  • Don’t get complacent! Keep breathing and living mobile.
Mobile app marketing agency in Delhi