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GeM Seller Registration Services

Government E-Marketplace or GeM Seller Registration Services provided by one of the gem company EnhanceRank. You can connect on +91-9811476343 for more discussion about GeM portal registration Services. Government E-Marketplace or GeM portal registration is a Government E-commerce portal where company owner/partners/directors can list his/her/their products to increase the sales and business opportunity for the organization in Government. The Government E-Marketplace is mainly introduced in India to maintain the transparency in making the purchase deals with the product vendors, so each and every business unit can register here for bulk sales and huge profits. Just like the other marketplaces, one company has to register in the proper way on the Government E-Marketplace. Currently, GeM Portal registration is tricky for some sellers. EnhanceRank team does a survey with sellers and meet heads of GeM for understanding the registration issues. After understanding both of them, EnhanceRank created division and come into the picture with GeM seller registration services to help the business units to get the registration and listing works done in a quickest and easiest way.

Completing the seller registration on the GeM is slightly tricky, so we are offering the first quality GeM seller registration services for all our business product developers in an efficient way. We help you to register as a product seller in Government E-Marketplace which will help you to supply the products for any authorized officer at the required time. On purchases above a certain amount, the officials will choose the supplier offering the best prices, so we help you to fix the correct price range for your listed products here.

gem seller registration services

How we do seller registration on GeM for you?

Business owners with the quality products in hand like you can become a seller here on the Government E-Marketplace, and hence we collect the following documents from you at the time of GeM seller registration services.

  • Permanent Account Number CARD
  • Company or LLP Registration
  • Bank Account and documents
  • Identity and Address proof
  • Canceled cheque copy

Once you give these documents with us, we ease your job to complete the gem seller registration process. You will get the direct Access To showcase your products in front of the largest buyers in the country like never before.

What do we do after seller registration on gem?

1. List the Products:

Once our team completes the registration with gem seller registration services, user id, and password will be shared for the business owner to access his/her seller account. With the help of that seller account, we list the products and services based on the list shared by the product seller.

2. Fix the Price:

Fixing the correct price for each and every product is very important to make the potential buyers to purchase your product. We assure all the products and its prices are fixed with a suitable margin.

3. Order Management:

After GeM seller registration and listing, we manage your orders through the GeM portal itself. As a product seller, you will also get the order mail in your company mailbox each time, and if you want we can provide order management as per the terms and conditions of buyer and portal. With EnhanceRank, GeM seller registration services payment from the buyer will automatically credit in your Bank.

4. Optimization of Products or Bringing on Top:

Coming on Top in GeM Portal is also necessary as the registration process. We provide these services to keep your product in front of the eyes of the buyers. This will help in recognition and give a valid reason to buy a product from your company.

Advantages of GeM seller registration services:

1. We do effective content marketing for the entire listed product using our quality GeM seller registration services.

2. We offer complete customer support for the buyers every day to help to lift your business growth to the next level.

3. Once you offer your products to the Government authorities by listing on GeM, our services will make the authorities to come and approach towards you.

Government E-Marketplace seller registration, uploading, and listing services are offered here at the affordable cost.

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