How to promote a website or brand on Instagram

Social media is like an on-demand radio talk show. It helps different websites and brands to advertise their products without much hard work and great results. Today people are much more active on Instagram, facebook, and other social media sites. So what better way than advertising your products on sites that people frequent? The most popular social media among the young generation is Instagram. Where they not only can post or upload their photos but can even enjoy the feature of live video. Following are the methods that can help you in promoting your website or brand on Instagram:

Create a business Instagram account: You need to make sure that the name you choose for your account relates to your business or brand and also make sure to include a unique brand photo. You can also display the link to your website and can provide the customers with a brief descriptive bio of your brand. You can also join Instagram with facebook that helps in sharing your Instagram photos with your facebook fans.

 Trending hashtags to acquire more customers: The trends on Instagram can appear as well as disappear overnight. So, if a particular trend suits your brand, do not waste your chance to utilize them. You could literally grab interested customers just under a minute. Instagram hashtags contest is a strategy that never fails to attract customers. In this people can upload photos under a particular hashtag and then those photos are displayed in the voting gallery of your website.

 Make customers your sole focus: There are different ways of highlighting your regular customers or we can say give them a VIP treatment. You can share the photos of your customers to show how much you value them. Not only the customers but you should also make your followers feel special like you can embed their photos, respond to their posts, like their photos as well as @mention them.

 Show off your products: Instagram is most famous for photo uploading, so use it to your advantage. Make sure to upload great pics of your product, use filters, lighting, angles and all other different professional techniques. Because more the number of likes you get more famous your brand is. Now Instagram also provides you with a video feature and in order to gain more customers, you can also upload the video of your products where the customer can actually see how it works.


So these were a few tips to use Instagram for better connecting with today’s market. Online promotion of your products is not only cheap but effective also, as more people spend their time online trying to stay “connected” with the world. Hope you find them useful!

How to promote a website or brand on Instagram

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