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Google AdWords make you land in front of your customers in a virtual avatar at the very moment they are searching for your product or service. You can set out your strategy for the ads to be placed in searches with the help of a Google AdWords Agency in India. You can categorize customers located within the exact geographical bound. An effective and efficient Google PPC Agency in India makes it possible to target the exact customers that you are seeking to establish a link with. You need to make complete utilization of your available budget by planning and developing the best ads that suit your marketing objectives. An advertising campaign involves selection of places where you want your ads to appear, the type of customer you want to reach. There exist two types of customers in the market:

  1. Those who are interested in your products and planning to buy them.

Selection of a strategy for bidding for the ads is a must. With your own experience or professionals from our Google AdWords Agency in India on your side, you can implement different bidding strategies.

PPC agency in India
Creation Of Ads

Now, you need to create ad groups for different sets of keywords. You can take the assistance of an AdWords PPC services in India for this purpose. Categorization of your products is extremely essential so that ad groups can be set up to reflect the same. Next comes the writing of the ad with different variations of the message. Analytics reveal the best-performing text. With our Google PPC Agency in India, you get all services executed with professionalism, that too at an effective cost. When the ad is clicked by a customer, the landing page must live up to what the ad proclaimed. This requires clean design with user-friendly features that help your customer to find out exactly what they want without any wastage of time. The most important aspect are the words used in the ad.

Keyword selection

A prime component of your Google AdWords campaign is to visualize keywords for your products or service which your customers might be using on search engines. When you get the keywords that you use in content and ads which can be expected to be as close as what a customer might be searching for, your ad reaches the right customer. Planning your keywords and estimating the clicks they will receive are all done on the Google tool. The key is to have more customers buying rather than just viewing your site after coming in through the ads you have created. Our Pay Per Click agency in India accomplishes conversions for clients around the world.

Adwords PPC services in India

Ad placement and analysis

After your ads are up and running, the analytics role takes over. You can find out the performance of each of your ads and tinker with the campaign to ramp up their effectiveness.

EnhanceRank’s Google AdWords capabilities

At EnhanceRank, we have worked on countless campaigns over the years and you get experience of the platform that is sharp and highly effective. Our professionals have all the aspects of the AdWords platform covered and are ready to craft your campaign to achieve top level of effectiveness. We have worked with client-campaigns of all dimensions and creative specifications.

PPC agency in India
Our Adwords product delivers
  • Identifying high-matching keywords.
  • End-to-end implementation of campaign and page optimization.
  • Experts for each of the specializations that are required in the creation, deployment and maintenance of a campaign.
  • Regular reporting of all metrics.
  • Regular communication with specialist managing your account.