Facebook Ads,Facebook Agency In India

Facebook Ads let you work on the exact objective that you want to achieve from your activity on the biggest social media platform out there. You can begin your planning with Facebook agency in India best by identifying whether you are aiming for traffic or whether you want to develop engagement or whether you are looking for installations of your app.  The platform has a drill-down approach that gets you to activate a campaign that is totally synchronized with what you have in mind.

Creation of offers

This is one of the outreaches that you can implement to drive traffic towards your website. Customers can claim your offer and Facebook will notify them of it so that their intent is followed up. You can reach out to a wider audience and not only those who have Liked your page.

Monitoring of your Ads

Each campaign that you start with our Facebook advertising agency will have its own separate data monitored so that you know the specific number of Views and Clicks.

Types of ads

You can deploy the ad to suit your purpose. It can be to add more followers of your page or have more people visiting your website. You can also deploy in India Facebook ads without having a Facebook account.

Outside Facebook

Facebook has the capability to allow you to track your non-FB locations with the use of tracking tags. Mobile apps can be advertised outside of Facebook too. Video ads can be used for marketing your apps.

Audience identification

You can build up your customer base by identifying your customers who have visited your web site or who are using your mobile app. After you have developed a list of customers, you can seek out people similar to them in what is called Lookalike audiences. With Facebook Ads, you can reach to audiences of a specific age or those in a specific location.You can home in on people who use particular devices or those who have made specific purchases.

Management of Facebook Ads

You can write your adverts and check out how they come across on different devices. If you launch a large-scale campaign, there is a separate tool called Power Editor for managing them. With Power Editor, you can edit the schedule and audience of multiple campaigns. Testing of ads for effectiveness  can be carried out across the entire extent of your advertising campaign.

Top-notch effectiveness with EnhanceRank

At EnhanceRank, we have a set of dynamic professionals who have all the complexity of Facebook adverts simplified and ready to be launched for you. Our ppc agency in India has what it takes to keep performance at a steady pitch. With our professional insights, you will be able to maintain steady and consistent results. Our team has the creative credentials to create standout advertising campaigns.

Performance Points of EnhanceRank Facebook Advertising Strategy
  • Launch and expand your Facebook advertising with smooth implementation
  • Adapt quickly and effectively to the onward evolution of the Facebook platform
  • Stay on top of your campaign with continuous management and monitoring
  • Achieve full effectiveness for your budget





Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as more popularly known, is the process of optimizing a web-page on the various search engine sites.


Social Media platforms are always changing as they evolve each day. Newer platforms are always being set up and coming into the limelight.


Video SEO is an entirely different system in relation to traditional SEO. Promoting the Video on YouTube, your or other Website, news and on many other online forms.


SMS marketing gets you straightaway into the attention of your customer which makes it a very powerful tool for marketing teams.


ASO is to drive more activity to our application’s page in the application store, with the goal that searchers can download our application.


Multilingual SEO is best way to get these local audiences to your site. We work with you on your site on the localized keywords in the language you want your site to be optimized upon.


With Email marketing, a mix of creative and consistent messaging is essential while needing to be implement with a high degree of relevance for the customer.


Google Adwords makes you land in front of your customers in a virtual avatar at the very moment that they are searching for your product or service.


Local SEO is a simple yet specialized marketing endeavor. What it requires is to rank top in searches for your product and service that are specified with your location.