Effective Rules For Making Community On Facebook


Facebook now is being used by every age group, may it be a kid from 7th class or a retired professor. It has the highest number of users.

Facebook community is a group made for a cause. It might be for promoting something or providing information or sharing ideas and creating awareness. Building more number of fans or members that truly admire that is an important aspect.

One needs to keep certain things in mind while developing a community on Facebook:

  • First of all, decide the cause and the targets. One ought to clearly define the purpose of the community and the objective it has to achieve. It should not happen that the group is framed for an awareness purpose and then one keeps on marketing a product. The addenda should be clear.
  • Target a specific group of people.
  • Don’t add too many into one. Few valuable are better than many senseless.
  • One should update regularly with useful contents. The community should remain active by regular posts and comments.
  • Avoid clichéd comments and replies.
  • Always respond to every question asked by the members in the comments or otherwise. It creates a positive impression and it will keep people’s faith intact. In case of celebrities or famous personalities, the fan following is huge and it is not possible to answer every fan’s question. In that case one need not respond to every comment but can reply in general after some time.
  • Don’t entertain non sense and should slam that down politely to avoid further problems.
  • One should always be careful of one’s tone. Using inappropriate words in comments may mark it as spam. The person has to take utmost care and has to be humble. The behaviour and discipline of the entire community depends on the person who handles it.
  • One should avoid excessive too. Don’t post too much of content. Be short and regular while posting.
  • Appreciate what members contribute in. This can be shown by sharing their post or thanking them. Loyal and active members are always to be applauded.
  • Ignore negative people and comments and can also slam them down humbly when required.
  • Do preserve the culture and dignity if the community whatever its purpose may be.
  • Keep the communication on. Don’t allow it to lie ideally, even if you don’t have anything to post.
  • Always abide by Facebook’s official terms of use.
  • The content should be true. Avoid exaggerating a situation or lying or making false assumptions.
  • Be clear about the content that shall not be posted or removed right from the start and inform all the members about the same.
  • Avoid comments on specific group or individual.
  • If possible create a basic guideline for group on the very first day to make it clear for everyone.

Managing a community indeed is a great task, not everyone in there would be same and one has to be prepared for the worse as well. But handling the situations patiently will keep things in control. You have to be unique and trendy too, to establish it efficiently.


Effective Rules For Making Community On Facebook

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