Traffic Hacks

  1. Optimizing the market strategy :

Conduct meetings, be clear as to what you actually want your customers/readers to read and know.

  1. Compel them to read:

Headlines need to catch their attention! They might be hilarious too!

  1. It should appeal:

The main idea is to try and be as original as possible. You may do this by changing the length or format of your content.

  1. Guest bloggers:

You may do guest blogging yourself, in order to reach a larger audience.

  1. Keep your homepage minimal:

Homepages that contain minimal information, end up generating more sign ups.

  1. Conducting small surveys:

Ask them for their opinions! Like: Is there anything preventing you from signing up?

  1. Landing pages:

Try and target different customers through different offers on the landing pages.

  1. Evaluate:

You may include a paid advertisement to collect data on the number of views.

  1. Define your audience:

The more clarity you have upon your target audience, the easier it would be to find relevant content.

  1. Content based on location:

Posting content based on the user’s location, helps in improving traffic.

  1. Offer deals:

Offer deals to relatable/complementary businesses, like university websites etc to get listed on their website.

  1. Evergreen content:

Write or make changes to articles so that they remain a constant source of information for a longer time.

  1. The Twitter list:

Become a part of it, so that you are able to share content with a highly niched audience.

  1. Make it interactive:

If possible use powerpoints, better graphics, webinars and other interactive sessions to develop the reader’s interest.

  1. Focus:

Put up only the relevant information.

  1. Focus on your industry, not just the company:

Include current news floating around in the market that might be useful for your products as well.

  1. Pictures, Screenshots and videos:

Include your product demos through pictures or videos! Try to make them curious about your product.

  1. Highlight feedback:

Emphasize and share the positive feedbacks that you might have received about your company or the blog.

  1. Research articles:

Let people know about your new ventures and ideas.

  1. Hashtags and photo contests:

Popularize your company’s tagline through a hashtag or photo contest.

  1. Focus on list-posts:

List posts help in focussing on the relevant content, even when a reader just skims through it!

  1. Active on Twitter, LinkedIn etc:

Tag people, influencers and potential customers !

  1. Mix evergreen content with some trending content:

Trending content can improve the number of hits in the short-run, while evergreen content is a constant.

  1. Tell your brand story through emotions too!

Refrain from making the brand story/history too technical.

  1. Post interesting questions:

Put up questions that enable people to use their creativity.

  1. AIDA strategy:

Follow the capture Attention, build Interest, create a strong Desire, call to Action strategy!

  1. Tips and advices:

Give in some useful and practical advices on topics related to your industry

  1. Don’t send too many emails:

Don’t try to sell your product in the first few interactions. Give them some free councelling/trial sessions too!

  1. Capitalise on current trends:

You can get more number of clicks if you’re simply quick in writing and informing your audience about a recent innovation or development.

  1. Word of mouth referrals:

A sort of non-technical solution, but might be responsible in bringing a majour chunk of your audience!


30 Quick Traffic Hacks That Will Boost Website

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