30 Fatal SEO Mistakes to Avoid Weakening Website Rankings

We are living in a world where ‘Smart work’ matters more than the ‘hard work’. Globalisation has caused the world to depend entirely on the internet and its websites for everything, from asking the meaning to look for the life solutions, from grocery shopping to apparels shopping, from finding a place to shift in a place, everyone relies on internet because Internet has all the answers for every question. And in this world where there is a huge reliance on internet, websites and SEO agencies fight their everyday struggle to keep up with the pace to maintain their existence in this competitive world. One needs to optimize their websites effectively but it is not everyone’s cup of tea and then there exists various websites to help search engines to optimize themselves so as they can work effectively.

Here are some of the fatal SEO mistakes one can avoid making:
  1. Proper Structuring
  2. Appropriate amount of workforce hired
  3. Proper designing of the website
  4. Keeping it complex
  5. Management of the websites
  6. Website speed
  7. Poorly written/edited content
  8. Poor title
  9. Absurd descriptions
  10. Too many linked websites
  11. Content Cannibalization
  12. Missing Image optimization’
  13. Poor/no replies (Customer services)
  14. Large number of redirects/pop ups
  15. Including any harming comments over any caste, creed and race
  16. Exclusion of relatable social points
  17. Focus on a single web search engine
  18. Not keeping a track on the happenings of the website
  19. Over usage of the same word
  20. Appropriate amount of information/highly researched
  21. Over usage of the keywords
  22. Keep a check on the similar websites and provide the services accordingly
  23. Less responsive
  24. Giving wrong directions through the site
  25. Use of outdated programs
  26. Less/no marketing of the website
  27. Web analytics
  28. Choosing the wrong company for SEO
  29. Comprehensible and multilingual content
  30. Availability of advertisements more than the content

SEO is not an easy job. You need specialized agency like our top SEO company in India. It requires a lot of hard work and smart work. The list shows the mistakes that are often done intentionally or unintentionally which does affects the website rankings to a greater extent. For example: Sometimes, to avoid dealing with the large amount

of people, less people are hired for a large amount of work which ultimately causes the website to suffer. Therefore, ample amount of people should be hired as per their skills and the requirements so as to make the delegation of work fruitful. Similarly, various things mentioned above plays an important part for a website to be consistent and effective. In this our SEO agency is an expertise with dealing these above mention mistakes .

The list highlights the mistakes which if  looked and considered timely, will yield better rankings to the website. There are various affordable seo services in india which facilitates the service called ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’. There also various companies which Provide this service in a highly insightful manner and in affordable fee structure. As described earlier, One should decide for themselves.


30 Fatal SEO Mistakes to Avoid Weakening Website Rankings

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